What Can I Do? Your guide to Volunteering Opportunities in the Criminal Justice System

21 Apr 2010

"What Can I Do?" is a guide to volunteering in the criminal justice system in Scotland.  It contains information and contact details for a wide range of opportunities to work with victims of crime, young offenders, prisoners, prisoners' families and the people who work with them.  Already in use by voluntary sector volunteering projects, Community Justice Authorities, interested individuals, and faith communities, this guide contains a selection of activities across Scotland which will suit people with varying interests, abilities and commitments.  This is the second edition of the booklet, and was jointly produced by the Joint Faiths Advisory Board on Criminal Justice and General Meeting of Quakers in Scotland. For further information on the booklet, or to order copies (free of charge) please contact the office.

It is also available to download in pdf format.  Click here to download a copy of "What Can I Do?".

What Can I Do?

What Can I Do booklet cover

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